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March 2, 2018

A little favour….

Thank you so much for clicking through and offering your help with this fantastic opportunity we’ll be offering in May. We really appreciate you spending your time helping us.

So what’s the favour? 

All we ask is for you to comment below telling us the two things that you find most intimidating when buying and tasting wine. It can be either in a supermarket or in a restaurant setting.

Again, thank you so much. Your input will be invaluable for what we have planned for you all.

Hello and welcome to the new home of Crockers Chef’s Table. We will be relocating our little restaurant in April 2018 to the beautiful market town of Tring. This website will serve as the home of all the information you may require.

Our move to Tring is going to enable us to increase the number of guests we can seat at one time, enable to offer a more polished experience and give Scott the chance to really wow our guests. As some of you will know I opened Potten End on a very tight budget as a bit of a test. It was a totally new concept and I really didn’t know if anyone would come. Fast forward just over a year and with the help of some fantastic supporters we are now just beginning to realise the dream I had two years ago.

Upon entering the new venue on Tring High Street you will step into our new wine & cocktail bar. Here you can enjoy a pre dinner drink while waiting for your fellow guests. We will also be welcoming guests into the bar that aren’t dining with us. These guests will be able to get a taste of what you can expect at the Chef’s Table with the same selection of great wines, cocktails and some little snacks from the kitchen. I want this part of the building to be somewhere that I would love to sit in comfort and while away the hours with a good bottle of wine and great company.

On the second floor, still hidden from view will be the new Chef’s Table. We’re combining two rooms into one large open kitchen and dining room. With a custom built cooking range the centre piece each guest will be able to watch Scott and his team create every dish like never before. We’re increasing our table to seat 15 guests. We get asked a lot why we haven’t gone to 16 and quite simply it’s because there isn’t enough space. Tring is going to be more focused on comfort and the whole experience for our guests so we want everyone to have enough space.


I hope that everyone is just as excited as we are to get the building work finished and open the doors in the Spring. Keep checking back on this site as it will be getting updated regularly as we approach our opening date. Online bookings are going live on January 26th which is when we will also be announcing our official opening date.