At Crockers Chef’s Table, we believe it is the small details that produce the most impressive results, helping us to stand out from the crowd. This is the reason we source the very best ingredients we can – because they form the very basis of our incredible dishes.

Freshness, seasonality and flavour is at the heart of our food, and sourcing the finest produce available is key to our success. With fresh ingredients delivered daily to our door, we get to work to set the standard in experiential dining.

We allow the British seasons to dictate our taste buds – we won’t just put imported ingredients on the menu for the sake of it. Our nation is flourishing with incredible ingredients, and we like to showcase them at their best to create the most stunning flavours, textures and colours throughout all our dishes. By rotating our menus every month, we can emphasise the seasonality of our nation’s food produce, crafting new and inspiring dishes for you to try.

Scott has a passion for incredible flavours, creating a balanced menu which rotates each and every month. With fresh seasonal ingredients at the core of our dishes, Scott applies great attention to detail to bring out the best of British flavours in unique and inspiring ways. Scott’s menu is characterised by a lighter approach to food, enabling guests to experience each dish without the distraction or discomfort of heaviness, enabling you to savour the taste and flavour of each and every mouthful.

We use one of the best suppliers of vegetables there is in the UK. Wellocks is a family run business supplying the very best restaurants around the country. They source their produce from select farms, Covent Garden Market and Rungis Market in Paris.

Scott has worked with Kingfisher for the last 14 years of his career. They know exactly what we want and expect and they deliver every time. They source their fish from the market in Brixham each morning and it’s with us in under 8 hours later.

Based up in Cumbria, Udale meats are a relatively new supplier for Crockers. Having approached us shortly after opening in Potten End we tried their samples and just had to use them. They age their meat in a Himalayan Salt Chamber giving the meat a fantastic intensity.


Direct Meats are another supplier Scott has used for some years, building a fantastic working relationship. Based in Essex they produce some of the best meat available. Specialising in the Dingly Dell Pork that is a regular feature on Scott’s menus.

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